Civil & Environmental Engineering

Deshinka Bostwick
Davon Edgecombe
Albrion Symonette

Civil Engineering, considered to be the oldest disciplines of engineering, deal with the design, construction, and maintenance of services and facilities that are used by society and the public at large.

Civil engineers design and design and construct bridges, roads, railways, tunnels, and sea ports, and Olympic stadiums, just to name a few.

Civil engineers work in public works departments, private consulting firms, the military, contractors, and utility agencies. In some instances, they even provide their services to law firms and banks.

Civil engineering is such a rewarding career because your work directly contributes to the greater good of society. You get to apply your science and engineering background to increasingly complex, real world challenges. The impact of civil engineering can be appreciated in everyday items like running water from your faucet, driving to work, or even watch a movie. None of this would be possible without civil engineers.