Aerospace Engineering

Andrew Williams

Aerospace Engineering has come a long way from what it is now. In the aviation industry, we seek higher heights to reach. The sky is not the limit for us. Engineers have mastered understanding how the atmosphere behaves and formulated theories of how human-made machines can “fly” in the air. Aerospace Engineers create the word aerodynamic, using a material design inspired by birds with the help of velocity to achieve the act of flight.

Aerospace Engineering sounds complex but it is not. Understanding the fundamentals of flight anyone can be an aerospace engineer, pilot, aircraft mechanic, or airport manager. The first successful aerospace engineers were bicycle shop owners, the Wright brothers were the first in the world to understand the four acts of flight successfully. Since 1903, aerospace ingenuity has advanced the aviation industry into what we know or see today. Aerospace engineers have made traveling by air efficient, reliable, and eco-friendly. The Aerospace BETA team is happy to introduce the fundamentals of flight and experience to young campers and the public. We are ready to train the next generation of aerospace engineers.