Apply For The Camp

It’s that time of year again and plans for BETA Camp 2019 have been set! We are all extremely excited to see you but before that there’s just one thing we need you to do; Apply!

In order to be eligible for acceptance into the 2019 BETA Camp, we ask that you please fill out all required information.

That’s it! Once your application is in, you’re already on your way to being a BETA Camper. We will reach out to you after registration has officially closed on July 12th to let you know the decision on your application.

The camp this year will run from 29th of July to the 2nd of August, 2019. The theme is Cruise Control!

If you have any questions or need any assistance, then feel free to contact us using our Contact Form.

Applicant Information





Dietary Information

Please answerthe following questions so that we are made aware of any and all dietary restrictions.

Parent/Guardian Information

Please provide the the Emergency contact for the applicant.

Reference Information

Please provide a contact that will act as a reference. This could be a school teacher, coach, guidance counsellor, employer or organization you volunteer with.

Essay Answers

Financial Aid

Please complete this page only if you wish to apply for sponsorship to the camp. Sponsorship will include a waiving the $100 registration fee as well as travel/accommodations if you are from a Family Island.

Successful applicants for financial aid will have the registration fee waived as well as travel/accommodations if from a Family Island. If you choose YES, we will require additional information from you. If you choose NO, your application is complete and will be submitted. Please note that applicants referred by the Ministry of Education will automatically have all costs subsidized and are not required to complete this section. Be sure to note if you were referred by the Ministry in the Reference Information section.