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    Do you love engineering or do you have no clue where to start? Either way, this STEM Pop Up Workshop is for you or someone you know. In this hands-on STEM workshop, students will get the chance to choose from numerous disciplines to learn the basics of engineering with a touch of art.

    This workshop is an opportunity to spark interests of engineering and technology while allowing creativity to flourish. Each session will include a range of lessons and activites that are designed to engage the learners in both a hands-o and minds-on way.

    Our STEM Pop Up will allow students to venture various STEM based disciplines and see what they're like. Choose between three groups and embark on a day filled with fun and exciting workshops.

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    The registration fee ($15) will be collected at the beginning of the pop-up. If you are unable to pay for it, we have a limited amount of scholarships on a first come first served basis. If you would like to apply for a scholarship, please answer the questions in this section.